Catalog Media Order

A Catalog Order is used to request media from the DMD Media Catalogs

when there is something specific you want.

Steps for placing a Catalog Media Order

1 Look in the DMD Media Catalogs and Lists and find something you want
2 Email your order to
3 We will email you a Bitcoin payment address with amount to pay in BTC
4 You send Bitcoin to pay for order
5 After Bitcoin confirms, we will mail your order to you
6 Enjoy!

How to write your Catalog Media Order

Required Information (details)

Catalog OrderVersion OrderVersion - top of catalog

Catalog OrderName + order numbers of media from each catalog OrderName - top of catalog / Order Numbers - grey column in catalog

Size of flash drive you want 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 gigabyte

Confirmation Number you choose any 3 digit number (000 - 999)

Your shipping address USA addresses only


Autofill on/off We can fill any empty space left over on your drive with similar media

DMD Portable Website yes/no A portable version of our website we can put on your drive - 600 megabytes

Personal Information Autodestruct on/off (see Questions and Answers for help about this)

Here is an example of what an actual order looks like This is an example order for 3 movies, some music and a book

OrderVersion - summer19

OrderName - MOVIE1

9311, 9312, 9313

OrderName - MUSIC4

87942 - 87955

OrderName - BOOKS2


8 gigabyte flash drive

confirmation number 513

Bob Wentworth

1234 Main Street

New York NY 605123

autofill on

Final price for this order example You would receive one 8 gigabyte flash drive with this order
$ $6.10 There would be 3 movies, 1 sound track and 1 book

(4.27 gigabytes x .50 cents + $4 flash drive) and with Autofill on, we would top up your drive until full with similar media

Catalog Media Prices - Flash drive prices -

Fifty cents (.50 cents) per gigabyte for orders of 32 gigabytes or less. 8 gigabyte - $4

Thirty cents (.30 cents) per gigabyte for orders of 64 gigabytes or more. 16 gigabyte - $5

32 gigabyte - $8

64 gigabyte - $10

128 gigabyte - $14 (may be two 64 gig drives)

256 gigabyte - $30

Other Things You Should Know

Shipping Stuff -
* There is no charge for shipping
* All order are shipped by US Postal Service First Class Mail
* We ship your order within 2 days of receiving a confirmed payment

PLEASE read our Questions and Answers for important details on -

> Order Number Ranges -

"Can I give a range of order numbers for a block of media and have..."

> Using "set" and "type" with Order Numbers -

"Writing down all these order numbers is tedious, is there a faster way?"

Suggested maximum number of media requests -

8 gigabyte - 15 requests

16 gigabyte - 15 request

32 gigabyte - 20 request

64 gigabyte - 20 requests

128 gigabyte - 30 request

256 gigabyte - 30 requests

Have a question? Email us at