Prepack Media Order

A Prepack Order is used when you want to order a large amount of one type

of media as easily as possible. Prepack content changes every month and each

type of media has its own genre options to choose from.

This allows a constant flow of your favorite media without advertisments.

Steps for placing a Prepack Media Order

1 Look in the Prepack Media Types (below) and find something you want
2 Email your order to
3 We will email you a Bitcoin payment address with amount to pay in BTC
4 You send Bitcoin to pay for order
5 After Bitcoin confirms, we will mail your order to you
6 Enjoy!

See below for Prepack Media Types, Prices and Options

How to write your Prepack Media Order

Required Information (details)

Prepack Media Type See below for choices

Prepack Media Type Options + any Add On See below for choices

Confirmation Number you choose any 3 digit number (000 - 999)

Your shipping address USA addresses only


DMD Portable Website yes/no A portable version of our website we can put on your drive - 600 megabytes

Personal Information Autodestruct on/off (see Questions and Answers for help about this)

Here is an example of what an actual order looks like This is an example order for TV Shows and Magazines on 2 flash drives


Pickle Rick Channel + House Add On

Mars Zine Channel

confirmation number 513

Bob Wentworth

1234 Main Street

New York NY 605123

Personal Information Autodestruct OFF

Final price for this order example You would receive two flash drives with this order
$ $70.00 ($50 media + $20 flash drive) 200+ TV shows on a 256gb drive and 250+ magazines on a 64gb drive

(320 gigabytes = 256gb + 64gb) and with PIA off, we would keep your personal information on file

Other Things You Should Know

Shipping Stuff -
* There is no charge for shipping
* All order are shipped by US Postal Service First Class Mail
* We ship your order within 2 days of receiving a confirmed payment

Have a question? Email us at

> Prepack Media Types
1 Channels All Channels come on a 256 or 64 gigabyte flash drive
2 Multi-Mee Multi-Mees are not available yet
3 Mixmas Mixmas are not available yet

> Prepack Media Amounts and Price

1 Channels

Movies - 100+ movies


Classic Movies - 25+ movies


TV - 200+ episodes


Music - 400+ albums

Movies, Classic Movies, TV and Music all come on 256 gigabyte flash drives

$50 for each - $20 media + $30 flash drive

Books - 1000+ books


Audio Books - 150+ audio books


Magazines - 250+ magazines

Books, Audio Books and Magazines all come on 64 gigabyte flash drives

$20 for each - $10 media + $10 flash drive

> Prepack Media Type Options

1 Channels

Movie Channels

Channels Add On

Neo Channel - Science Fiction/Action/Drama Oscar - Oscar Award winning and nominated moves

Darth Channel - Science Fiction/Drama/Animated Japanese - Japanese movies

Dirty Harry Channel - Action/Western/Drama Korean - Korean movies

Ferris Channel - Comedy/Drama/Standup Comedy Chinese - Chinese movies

Ripley Channel - Science Fiction/Horror/Drama

Freddy Channel - Horror/Horror Comedy/Comedy

Fellini Channel - Foreign/Drama/Documentary

50 Minutes Channel - Documentary/Drama/Animated Children

Minions Channel - Animated Children/Comedy/Drama

Godfather Channel - Drama/Action/Comedy

Duke Channel - Western/Drama/Action

Forrest Channel - Comedy/Drama/Animated Children

Random Movies Channel - Completely random choice of movies

(no add on with Specialty Channels)

Specialty Channels

Classic Movie Channel - Classic movies only

Scarlet Channel - Classic/Drama/Action

Oz Channel - Classic/Drama/Comedy

Stella - Classic/Drama/Western

TV Channels

Channels Add On

Pickle Rick Channel - Animated Adult / Science Fiction-Fantasy / Comedy Talk - Nightly Talk Shows

Heisenberg Channel - Police-Crime Drama / Drama / Reality TV Survival - Outdoor Survival Shows

CSM Ch. - Science Fiction-Fantasy / Horror-Supernatural/ Documentary Game - Daily Game Shows

Real Deal Ch. - Documentary / Reality TV / Food-General Entertainment House - Buying, Selling, Flipping, Finding Houses Shows

Hawkeye Channel - Drama/Comedy/Medical, Legal and Political Drama Car - Car, Truck and Motorcycle programs

Everybody Knows Your Name Channel - Comedy, Reality TV, Action-Sports Commonwealth - British and Australian TV programs

House Ch. - Medical, Legal and Political Drama / Docu / Food-General Mars - Men's TV Shows

Walkers Channel - Horror-Supernatural Drama / Ani Adult/ Period Drama Venus - Women's TV Shows

Seven of Borg - Science Fiction-Fantasy / Police-Crime Drama / Action

Random TV Channel - Completely random choice of TV shows

Tube TV Channel - TV shows from all categories before 1995

(no add on with Specialty Channels)

Specialty Channels

Channel Surfer Channel - massive selection of SD single episodes TV shows

Music Channels

Channels Add On

Lenny Channel - Metal/Rock/Pop Hip Hop/Rap

Maneuvers Channel - Electronic/Pop/Rock Fan Recorded

Miles n' Mozart - Jazz/Classical/Rock Foreign

Little Elvis Lee - Rock/Pop/Jazz

Random Music Channel - Completely random choice of music

Book Channels

Channels Add On

Leet Channel - Computers/Science-Technical/Non Fiction Encyclopedia/Reference

The Old Man Channel - Fiction/Non Fiction

Random Book Channel - Completely random choice of books

Audio Book Channels


Babel Channel - Fiction/Non Fiction

Random Audio Book Channel - Completely random choice of audio books

Magazine Channels


Galileo Channel - Technical/Computers/Science

Mars Zine Channel - Men's magazines

Venus Zine Channel - Women's magazines

Random Magazine Channel - Completely random choice of magazines