File Cannon Request

File Cannon is a free service that takes small file requests from the DMD

catalogs and delivers them using email.

Steps for placing a File Cannon Request

1 Look in the DMD Media Catalogs and Lists and find something you want
2 Make sure you choose 3 files or less and they total less than 25 Mb
3 Email your request to
4 We send your files as an email attachment within 24 hours
5 Enjoy!

How to write your File Cannon Request

Required Information (details)

Catalog OrderVersion OrderVersion - top of catalog

Catalog OrderName + order numbers of media from each catalog OrderName - top of catalog / Order Numbers - grey column in catalog

Confirmation Number you choose any 3 digit number (000 - 999)

Here is an example of what an actual request looks like This is an example request for a song and two books

OrderVersion - summer19

OrderName - MUSIC1


OrderName - PDF1

19962, 35746

confirmation number 513

Final price for this request example All File Cannon requests are free
$ $0.00 There would be 2 books and 1 song with this request

(21.6 megabytes for 3 files) You would receive an email with 3 attachments

Other Things You Should Know

* Personal Information Autodestruct (PIA) is always on with File Cannon

Have a question? Email us at