Criteria for Catalog Files Catalog Version - summer19
(why we do what we do in the catalogs)

Major Catalog Media Types Technical aspects of Media
Movies > A majority of our movies are in 1080p - this is the current standard we try to use when acquiring all new films

> Most modern movies are either in .mp4 or .mkv

> Movies that were encoded several years ago are often in 480p or 720p and usually have the .avi file format

Exceptions - The lowest file size available is used for Foreign films and Documentaries movies (480p or 720p),

unless there is a good reason for higher definition - then a documentary or foreign film may be available in 1080p

> Almost all Classic movies are Blu-Ray and consequently have large file sizes (6 gigabyte+)

> We have only a small selection of 4K (2160p) movies in the current catalog

> Our movie collection covers the entire age of movie making, as far back as 100 years ago

TV > Most of our TV shows that are grouped into seasons are in 480p with a large portion also in 720p

> Only newer shows produced in the last couple of years are in 1080p

> The only TV List, Uncategorized by Episode, is made up of single TV episodes which are all in 480p

> We try to list TV shows having multiple versions of seasons with the most complete seasons at the top of the list

> There are no 4K (2160p) TV shows in the current catalog

> TV and movies are the most well categorized media types

> We have only a small amount of TV programming prior to the 1980's with most coming from the 1990's to present day

Music > The vast majority of music is encoded as .mp3 at various bit rates with some .flac recordings

> There are 4 Catalogs and 3 Lists with most music not being fully categorized

> Many albums have art work included as .jpg, but we hide these files to make reading the catalogs easier

> Our current music section is not as big as it will eventually be, but it covers a wide variety of music.

Books > Books have many formats such as .mobi, .azw3, .txt, .doc, .djvu, .chm, but the two biggest are .epub and .pdf

> Like music, most books have not been fully categorized and many have cover art that we do not show in the catalogs

> Most non-fiction and academic is in PDF format, fiction mainly is in Epub, and oddball stuff can be found as text.

> The only significant group of foreign books are in the Epub Catalog in spanish language

Magazines > Almost all magazines are in .pdf format and most modern titles only go back to 2015

> There are, however, large groups of "pulp" and other classic magazines from the 1930's up to 2000

> There are also a lot of international versions of magazines which have abbreviations such as "AU" (Australia)

Audio Books > .mp3 is the most common file format for audio books, with a few .wma and .mp4

> we show all the files of an audio book so you can verify that it is complete

> there are some single file audio books, but most have multiple files for each chapter or section

Music Videos > music videos are a mix of .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .mkv, .wmv and .vob file formats

> because of when they were most popular, most music video date from before the year 2000

Music Concerts > all video formats used - time period from present day back to 1960's

Instructional Videos > all video formats used, like audio books, there are some single file videos, but most have multiple files

> this media type is being changed to "Instructional Video and Audio" so there are .mp3 audio files in the category

Major Catalog Media Types Catalog Categories for each Media
Movies - Action, Animated Adult, Animated Children, Classic, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, Foreign, Horror,

Horror Comedy, Science Fiction, Western, WTF, 4K (2160)

TV - Action, Animated Adult, Children's TV, Cartoons, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Food and Cooking, Foreign Language,

General Entertainment, Horror, Legal/Political Drama, Medical Drama, Period Drama, Police/Crime Drama, Reality TV

Science Entertainment, Science Fiction, Soap Opera, Sports, Supernatural Drama, Teen, Western

Music - Bluegrass , Blues , Christmas Music , Classical , Collections and Lists , Country , Dance , Death Metal ,

Droning , Dub and Dub Step , Electronic , Electronic Background , Electroswing , Folk , Foreign Music , Guitar ,

Hard Rock , Hawaiian , Heavy Metal , Hip Hop , Horror Punk , Instrumental Music , Jazz , Latin , Metal , Orchestral Pop ,

Other , Pop , Progressive Metal , Psychedelic Rock , Punk Rock , Rap , Rave , Reggae , Rhythm and Blues , Rock and

Roll, Ska Punk , Soul and Funk , Soundtrack , Trance , Unknown Music , Various Singles , Video Game Music , Vocal

Books - Epub, MOBI, PDF, By Cluster

Magazines - By Cluster, By Title

Audio Books - By Title, By Author, By Cluster

Music Videos - By Cluster, By Title

Music Concerts - By Cluster, By Title

Instructional Videos - By Cluster