What is MASSmedia Local?

MASSmedia Local (MmL) is a service of Digital Media Delivery.

MmL makes it possible to get huge amounts media like movies, TV, music and books at a reasonable price without an
internet connection. Our media comes with absolutely no advertising or commercials and doesn't require personal
information. Best of all, because everything comes on flash drive, you actually own your media and can copy or do anything
you want with it. This means you can play it on any device, anytime you like without restrictions.

MASSmedia Local uses Media Meet locations where we see our customers in person, take their orders, and delivery their media on flash drive.
You can buy flash drives from us or save yourself some money and bring your own.

You can place a Catalog Order for almost anything from our Media Catalogs, which have a massive selection of media in 10 different catagories,
or get a huge amount of one type of media, quick and easy, through our prepackaged Prepack Orders.

For the newest media there is MASSmedia This Week.
Each week we package the lastest releases of movies, TV, music or print (books/magazines/audiobooks) into 16 gigabyte flash drives.

The goal of Digital Media Delivery (DMD) is to make all media available to everyone so we charge as little as possible.

Here are our current 2020 prices -
Catalog Orders - .50 cents or .30 per gigabyte (if you bring your own flash drive)
Prepack Orders - $50 for 256gb or $20 for 64gb (these orders come on their own flash drives)
MASSmedia This Week - $3 per package of movies, TV, music or print (if you bring your own flash drive)

We also give away free media!
Check out our File Cannon service under "Orders and Pricing"

For more details about anything go to "Everything Else" >> "Questions and Answers" on our main website.