How to get media from MASSmedia Local

MASSmedia Local (MmL) is a brand new service from DMD so it is only currently available in a few locations.
If you received a card or invite paper from us or have seen MmL advertising in your area then you are in luck.

Under the "Media Meet Locations" you should see a list of places and times you can find our distributers.
You may also see a website address which you can go to for a list of "Media Meet" places and times.

Go to any Media Meet location at the selected time and look for our distributer. Distributers are wearing a red hat and
have a MASSmedia Local sign with them to make it easy to find them.

Here are your options for getting media with MASSmedia Local -

(1) Catalog Orders (paid)
If you've found something you want in our Media Catalogs and would like to buy it, go to "Orders, Pricing and Free Stuff" >> "Catalog Order (paid)"
on our main website and read about how to write a Catalog Order. You can also look under "Everything Else" >> "Questions and Answers" and
find more details about writing a Catalog Order.

Because MmL is done in person, Catalog orders are simple - we just need the Catalog OrderName and the order numbers for the media you
want written on a piece of paper.
(><) Be sure to bring your own (BYO) flash drive when you give us the order if you want to save money and not buy one from us.

Catalog Orders take two days to complete and your distributer will give you a time when your order will be ready for pick up. All payments
for Catalog Orders are in cash and done at pickup when you receive your media.

You can save time by emailing us your Catalog Order in advance. This way you can make just one trip to pay and pick up your order.
Email your Catalog order to -

(2) Prepack Orders (paid)
If you want your own custom movie, TV, music or book channel without advertisements then get a Prepack Order. You get a whole month
worth of media all at once on one flash drive. Prepack content changes every month and each type of media has its own genre options to
choose from. This allows a constant flow of your favorite media without placing a lot of orders.

To choose a Prepack go to "Orders, Pricing and Free Stuff" >> "Prepack Order (paid)" on our main website and pick what you want.
Then email us with the Prepack you want and it will be waiting for you when you see our distributer.
Email your Prepack order to -

(><) Because of their large size, Prepack Orders are always done on our own flash drives ahead of time so there is no option for BYO.

(3) MASSmedia This Week (paid - but cheap!)
Every week we put the latest movies, TV shows, music and print media (books, magazines, audiobooks) on their own 16 gigabyte flash drives.
Distributers also usually have Mm This Week media going back a few weeks so you can ask for this if there was something you missed.

(><) Be sure to bring your own (BYO) flash drive if you want to save money and not buy one from us.

(4) Catalog Request List (free/paid)
If there is something reasonably small in our Media Catalogs that you want, it is possible to put in a request for just that one piece of media.
Once your request is approved, our distributers will put it on the current Catalog Request List. You can then go to any MmL Media Meet
location and pick it up.

Anything with a file size under 300mb is usually free, files larger than 300mb are charged at the .50 cents per gigabyte rate.
Please try to keep Catalog Requests under 3 gigabytes in size and limited to a single piece of media.

Email your request to -

Be sure to provide the Catalog OrderName and the Order Number for the media you want in your email.
We will email you back to let you know your request has been added to our list.

(><) Request something under 300mb and bring your own flash drive and it is completely free!

(5) File Cannon (free stuff!)
File Cannon is a service of DMD that is only done online, over the internet (not in person with our distributers).
Any media that you find in our Media Catalogs that is under 25 megabytes in size can be emailed to you for free with File Cannon.
For more details on this service go to "Orders, Pricing and Free Stuff" >> "File Cannon Request (free)" on our main website.