How to make some money working for MASSmedia Local

MmL provides a fantastic selection of affordable media to communities using people networks and small business creation.

MASSmedia Local (MmL) is a brand new service from DMD so it is only currently available in a few locations.
If you received a card or invite paper from us or have seen MmL advertising in your area then you are in luck.

MASSmedia is a online service of DMD which uses the internet to deliver media to people all over the world.
MASSmedia Local is the same idea, but instead of the internet, it uses a network of local people to deliver media.

Simply put, we are looking for people who would like to make some extra money distributing our media to customers.

Here is some quick information
As a distributer, you would sell DMD media to people you know or to anyone willing to buy media from you.
You are essentially starting your own media distribution business, with DMD as your supplier.
You can work as much or as little as you want on your own schedule.

All media is on flash drives - customers can save money by using their own or they can buy drives from us.
It is helpful, but not necessary to have a phone or even an email address to get started as a MmL distributer.
The only two things you really need in order to have your own business with MmL is some people who want to buy media
from you, and a way to get to our Media Meet locations.

Distributers simply go to Media Meet locations like regular customers where they pickup orders, put in new orders for
their customers and get paid for media they have sold.

All new distributers receive a Quick Start packet describing in detail how everything works.
All transactions between distributers and MmL are cash only, however distributers are free to use any payments system with their own customers.

A minimum number of orders are necessary to remain a distributer.
After a certain amount of time, all distributers are given a free media account with DMD.
To be a distributer, we require a small amount of information from you (your name) because we need to know orders are going to the right people.

Money Details
For Catalog Orders and Prepack Orders, it is a simple 50/50 profit split between MmL and distributers for the media.
Prepack Orders use our own flash drives, which we sell at cost, so 100% of the money customers pay for these flash drives goes to MmL.

Catalog Orders
Distributers get 50% of media
Catalog Orders of 32 gigabytes or less - .50 cents per gigabyte charged to customers
Catalog Orders of 32 gigabytes or more - .30 cents per gigabyte charged to customers
If a customers places a Catalog Order that totals 14 gigabytes, the distributers would get $3.50 and MmL would get $3.50

Prepack Orders
Distributers get 50% of media
Movies, Classic Movies, TV or Music - $20 for media and $30 for the 256 gigabyte flash drive
Books, Audiobooks or Magazines - $10 for media and $10 for the 64 gigabyte flash drive
If a customers buys a Music Prepack, the distributers would get $10 and MmL would get $40

MASSmedia This Week
Mm This Week (Mm This Week) comes out every week and provides a sample of all the newest media in each category
Distributers "buy" which media categories they want and then can resell them as many times as they want
Each Mm This Week category is $10 for distributers
If a distributer bought the Movies category for Mm This Week it would cost $10
The public price for Mm This Week is $3 for each category so a distributers would need to sell Movies to at least 4 customers to make money

If you would like to signup to become a MASSmedia Local Distributer or just have a question, please email us at -

For questions about DMD or other services please go to "Everything Else" >> "Questions and Answers" on our main website.