The Great DMD Stay Home Media Giveaway

Since everyone is stuck at home, we here at DMD are trying to make things a little less boring.
We are giving free movies, TV, music, books etc... to anyone that wants them.
All of this great stuff will come from our MASSmedia ThisWeek media
>> Click Here for ThisWeek Media <<

How it works -
Tell us the kind of media you want
Give us an address with a physical mailbox
Once a week, we will deliver new media to you by swapping out the flash drive in your mailbox
Media comes with no commercials or advertising and all files are yours to copy or keep forever

How to get your free media -
Make sure you have one 16 gigabyte (or bigger) flash drive to swap for our drive
Email us at
In your email, please tell us...
(1) Your physical address
(2) The kind of media you want - Movies, TV shows, Music or Print Media
(3) If you want 16 or 32 gigabytes of media (for 32 gig, please choose 2 different types of media)

To do this efficiently, we need a flash drive from you that can be swapped for our media loaded drive
>> So make sure you have a 16 gigabyte or larger flash drive we can use
>> You only need to give us one drive, that drive will be swapped back to you

We deliver every Sunday (if your mailbox flag is up) to avoid conflicts with regular mail delivery

Frequently Given Answers
Delivery area
Once you email us, we will email you back to let you know if you are in our delivery area

Make sure your mailbox has a working flag
The flag tells us you want new media and have put the old flash drive in your mailbox

Print Media
Print Media combines Books, Magazines and Audiobooks into one 16 gigabyte group

Choosing what media you get
This must be simple to work, so everything comes from our prepackaged ThisWeek media

What does "ThisWeek" mean?
Each week, we put the latest Movies, TV, Music and Print Media into their own 16 gigabyte packages

Contacting us
Once you are getting media, you only need to contact us if you want to receive another type of media

Is this for real or a joke?
We fail hard at being funny so this Giveaway is the real deal.

How much does 16 gigabytes of media work out to?
(On Average) Movies - 7, TV shows - 60, Music - 60 albums, Books - 200, Magazines - 90, Audiobooks - 15

New or old media?
Newish - For the Giveaway we are starting at January 2020 (click the ThisWeek link above to see the media)

Who are you guys?
Just a few locals trying to share some digital goodness....

Computer and/or human virus
This would be a hell of a slow, expensive way to spread malware - always scan unknown flash drives
We clean all our drives before putting them in an envelope - don't lick them and you should be fine

MASSmedia Local
New MASSmedia Local distributors and customers will work via this Giveaway - contact us for more details

Why can't you do this, that or the other thing?
You know, because it is like, free.