Quick Summary of Everything (TL;DR)

What is this?

An online and local service that makes available digital media like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, Audiobooks and Magazines.

Is it free or does it cost money?

Online - Small files are free with File Cannon using email and larger stuff is .50 or .30 cents/gig on flash drives using USPS for shipping and choosing from the Media Catalogs.

Local - MASSmedia Local is same cost, but is hand delivery, only available in select areas, and has "Mm This Week" which is the newest media for $3 per 16 gigs.

What are the payment options?

Online - Currently, bitcoin only. We run our own node, so you send directly to our wallet, no third parties or middle men (no Bitpay etc...).

Local - MASSmedia Local is cash only (only available in select areas).

What do you have?

Movies - 13,000+

TV Shows - 70,000+

Music - 750,000+

Books - 500,000+

Magazines - 25,000+

Audio Books - 4,000+

Music Videos - 7,000+

Music Concerts - 400+

This is in our Media Catalogs and represents about 50% of total inventory.

What is the point of all of this?

We are fed up with the overpriced, piss poor selection of media available so we are doing something about it.

Why should I trust you guys?

You shouldn't. This is the internet, we could be bored dolphins for all you know.

What personal information do I have to give?

Online - Email address for free File Cannon requests, USA mailing address for paid orders.

Local - Nothing for MASSmedia Local.