Description of Major DMD Services

DMD is the overall organization that all other services like MASSmedia, WIREmedia and File Cannon operate under. It also creates all of the Media Catalogs and Lists.
Digital Media Delivery (DMD) is an attempt by some people to make all digital media available to everyone, everywhere.

Catalog Media Orders and Prepack Media Orders are both fulfilled using MASSmedia. Catalog Media Orders come from the DMD Catalogs and Lists while Prepack Media Orders are placed by choosing from various sets of pre-packaged media.
MASSmedia is a paid service of DMD that delivers media to customers using flash drives. Flash memory prices and sizes continue to dwarf internet bandwidth making these drives an excellent choice for large media delivery.

MASSmedia Local
MASSmedia Local makes it possible for people with limited or no access to internet and computers to get media and at the same time earn an income.
MASSmedia Local is a version of MASSmedia which delivers digital media by flash drive using a network of people in one local area.

File Cannon
This service is limited to 3 files per request with a total of 25 megabytes or less. File Cannon requests are taken from DMD Catalogs and Lists.
File Cannon is a free service of DMD that "shoots" small files to people via email.

This service is currently in development and is not available yet.
WIREmedia is a paid service of DMD which delivers digital media via the Internet.