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(Other Questions)

What is this?

This is an attempt to make all digital media available to everyone, everywhere.

Why are you doing this?

Because there is nothing to watch on TV.

Who are you people?

A small, scattered group of people with an idea and time to work on it.

Is this stuff free or do I have to pay for it?

Small stuff is mostly free - check out our File Cannon service.

Bigger media costs you a little bit because it costs us a little bit.

What are your prices?

Fiddy cents (.50 cents) per gigabyte for Catalog Media Orders of 32 gigabytes or less.

Thirty cents (.30 cents) per gigabyte for Catalog Media Orders of 64 gigabytes or more.

* Above prices assumes you bring your own flash drive - See "Prices and Payments" for cost of buying flash drive from us

Prepack Media Orders are per flash drive, not gigabyte (see below for prices)

How do I place an order?

On the main page of our website, click on "Orders and Pricing", then click on "Catalog Order (paid)" or "Prepack Order (paid)".

More info on the details of placing orders is further down.

You can also order from a different platform, from our main page click "Everything Else" >> "Contact Info, Downloads and Other Ways to Find Us"

How can I pay for media?

Our main service MASSmedia currently only accepts Bitcoin.

A new service called MASSmedia Local allows cash payment, but is currently only available in a few places in the USA at this point.

How do you send the media to me?

If it is small (25 megabytes or less), then by email with File Cannon.

Most media is physically sent on flash drive using the US postal service.

Can I use my own flash drive?

Yes! - but as of right now, only with our MASSmedia Local service.

What areas is MASSmedia Local (MmL) available in?

MmL is a brand new service only available in a few places. You will see local advertising for it if it is operating where you live.

What is MASSmedia This Week?

This is a weekly release of the newest movies, TV, music, books, magazines and audiobooks that are available.

This media is currently only available through our MASSmedia Local service.

Is my personal information safe and how is your security?

This is a real thing with us - your info is a liability, so we go out of our way to black hole it.

By default, all orders have Personal Information Autodestruct turned on, see below for more about this.

Our security is as masochistic as we can handle, see below for more.

Aren't you guys violating copyright law?

Yes! Current copyright - We actually fully support copyright law, just not the corrupted version we have today.

Copyright is one thing we are trying to change with DMD.

Do you have new stuff?

Yes! A new service we have called MASSmedia Local offers "This Week" media which comes out weekly.

Everything in the DMD Catalogs and Lists is at least one year old or older.

I have something to say or ask, how can I contact you?

What is good about your service?

Huge amounts of many different kinds of media

You can browse and find new stuff to like in our catalogs, not search only

Our prices are reasonable

We have unique media that can't be found anywhere else

When you buy from us you actually own your media

You can copy it, donate it, sell it, get furry with it.... whatever

No stupid fucking ads - start, stop, pause - watch on your schedule

No internet needed - you play it on your computer, TV or media player

No internet needed - data caps or bandwidth limits? pffft, no problem now

We are not even a little bit interested in your personal information

What is bad about your service?

Our main service, MASSmedia only accepts Bitcoin as payment at this time

There are a lot of catalogs so it can be slow to find some things

We use the postal service for big media so it can take a few days to arrive

We are not quite as funny as we think we are sometimes

How much would a movie cost if I ordered it from the catalog?

About tree fiddy... ha, ok sorry, couldn't resist.

Most movies these days are around 2 gigabytes in size, so you would pay on average about $1 with MASSmedia and a Catalog Media Order.

(this is not including the cost of the flash drive)


If you found the same movie in a Prepack Media Order it would cost roughly twenty cents (.20 cents).

(this is not including the cost of the flash drive)

How much would a book cost?

Ah, we love books, they make you smart and they're easy to send!

Most books are free via email using File Cannon.


If you found the book you wanted in a Prepack Media Order then it would be about one cent (.01 cents).

(this is not including the cost of the flash drive)

How much media do you get with Prepack Media Orders and how much do they cost?

$50 ($20media + $30flash drive)

Movies (256gb) - 100+


Classic Movies (256gb) - 25+


TV (256gb) - 200+ episodes


Music (256gb) - 400+ albums

$20 ($10media + $10flash drive)

Books (64gb) - 1000+


Audio Books (64gb) - 150+


Magazines (64gb) - 250+

The flash drive size is fixed for each type of media with Prepacked Media Orders.

How do you do a Bitcoin payment?

We run our own node, so we just give you a bitcoin payment address and an amount of bitcoin to send. You then have 24 hours to begin the payment.

After the transaction is fully confirmed (usually six confirmations) we send your order.

What sizes of flash drives do you sell and how much are they?

8 gigabyte - $4

16 gigabyte - $5

32 gigabyte - $8

64 gigabyte - $10

128 gigabyte - $14 (may be two 64 gig drives)

256 gigabyte - $30

How much do you charge for shipping?

No charge, zero, nada, not going to do it.

What is the difference between a Catalog Media Order and a Prepack Media Order?

Use a Catalog Media Order when you find something specific you want in our Media Catalogs and Lists.

Choose a flash drive size, give us the order details, send payment and you are on your way.

Use a Prepack Media Order when you are more interested in getting as much media as possible, as cheaply as possible without a lot of small details.

Why in hell are there so many catalogs?

Because if we put everything in one catalog, your browser would have a heart attack when it tried to open that huge catalog.

Literally, actually, would die.

What is the difference between a Catalog and a List?

A Catalog is the most organized, easy way to view media.

A List is a less organized version of a Catalog.

Why isn't all of your media in Catalogs?

Because, despite the union being on our side for a change, local regulators have forced us to stop providing the sorting elves with free coke and amphetamines so it takes forever now to get media into Catalogs.

Where can I find information about how much of what is in your catalogs?

On our website click on "Catalog and DMD Statistics".

WEBSITE NAVIGATION - "Everything Else" >> "Catalog and DMD Statistics"

What quality, type, size etc... are most of your movies, TV shows, books etc...?

On our website click on "Criteria for Catalog Files".

WEBSITE NAVIGATION - "Everything Else" >> "Catalog and DMD Statistics" >> "Criteria for Catalog Files"

Do you have Porn?

We do, but it is currently not available.

Do you have Sports?

Kinda of, we're working on it.

Why is the file name of the media I ordered not exactly what was shown in the catalog?

We clean up the file names of media in the catalogs to make it as easy as possible for people to read them.

Why are there so many different versions of TV seasons?

Some seasons have different file formats, some have different quality, most have different seasons to choose from because of bigger or smaller file size.

Why do magazines, music video and music concert catalogs have the same media in their by Cluster and by Title lists?

Because these media types are not in Catalogs (yet), they are only in Lists.

Since they are a little lacking in organization, we want to give at least two ways (cluster and title) to view each type of media.

Why are the file sizes for Classic movies so large?

Because these older movies are so hard to find these days, we only stock the best quality version of these films, which is usually Blu-Ray.

This will allow us in the future, if necessary, to make lower quality versions with smaller file sizes. You can always go down in quality, but you can't go up.

How do you define what is, and is not, a Classic movie?

We consider all movies before 1966 to be Classic movies.

1966 was around the time that most movies transitioned from black and white to color.

What information do I have to give for a Catalog Media Order?

1) Catalog OrderVersion (at top of catalog - example - "summer19")

2) Catalog OrderName (at top of catalog - example - "MOVIE1")

3) Order Number(s) for media from that catalog (grey number column)

4) Size of Flash Drive you want (8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 gigabyte)

5) Confirmation Number (any 3 digit number)

6) A postal mailing address - name and USA address

Options -

Autofill on/off (default is off)

DMD Portable Website yes/no (default is no)

Personal Information Autodestruct off (default is on)

Here is an example of what an order for the three Matrix movies, the sound track and the book might look like -

OrderVersion - summer19

OrderName - MOVIE1

9311, 9312, 9313

OrderName - MUSIC4

87942 - 87955

OrderName - BOOKS2


8 gigabyte flash drive

confirmation number 513

Bob Wentworth

1234 Main Street

New York NY 605123

autofill on

What is Autofill?

We want to make sure you get the most for your money. So if you think there might be some extra space left over on your flash drive just turn on Autofill when you make your order. We will automatically fill any large amounts of empty space on your drive with media similar to what you are ordering.

Who knows, you might get something interesting.

What is the Portable Web Site?

It is just a copy of our internet site on your flash drive. This allows you to browse our catalogs without having to have an internet connection.

If you don't mention this in your order, we assume you don't want it and it isn't included in your order.

All the files on the Portable Web Site will open with any web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

It is just over half of a gigabyte in size, so be aware, it is a little hefty.

What is Personal Information Autodestruct? What is your security like?

When you place an order, there is an option called Personal Information Autodestruct (PIA) that can be on or off.

By default, this option is turned on for all new orders.

This means that if you don't select or mention it in your order it is automatically turned on.

With PIA turned on, we hold data like your postal address, name and email address for 10 days to give you time to contact us if there is an issue with your order. After 10 days, you information will remain on our system until the next backup (every 7 days). At backup, your info is wiped from our current database and then backups are done, minus your information. Your info then no longer exists on our system.

Simple file deletion of your information works because these databases are kept in their own encrypted volumes. These means data recovery of your information is almost impossible because the encryption would have to be broken first.

PIA MUST be turned OFF if you want to be able to receive credits (from Bad File Bounty, for example), use ReFlashCycle or contact us as a known customer.

We live and die by security.

All Live computers that contain customer data are have full disk encryption with algorithms (currently) proven secure by paid third parties and FBI/NSA/Law Enforcement reports. These computers only connect to a small group of internet address that are known and trusted. Customer data on these computers is kept in separate encrypted volumes with different passwords. All passwords are very long and are never kept on any kind of password manager. Encrypted volumes containing customer information have their white spaces regularly wiped with a double pass of zeros.

When we do weekly backups, any new customers that have asked us to retain their personal information (PIA OFF) will have their user name hashed to a generic ID Tag. This ID Tag will then be used on all Live, internet connected computers, replacing the original user name.

At backup time, the original user name and information with the connecting ID Tag is manually copied (not copy/pasted) from the Live computer to an air-gaped, encrypted computer that never touches the internet and only contains customer backups.

Emails sent by customers are kept on a 3rd party, secure mail server that is never publicly exposed. Those emails are periodically deleted.

Customers can encrypt their email messages with us in two ways. One, the easiest way is to use a link we provide in emails which allows encrypted communications. Two, they can send a PGP message to us using our public key.

Keep in mind that the only constant in the world of computers is change. Because of this, we may change our security in response to a new threat without mentioning it here. We may also be sneaky, and just not tell you everything we do for security. We're bad that way.

Books are really small, can I give you a list of 500 books I want?


We will lose our minds looking up that much media for one order.

Please try and limit the number of media requests for each order as follows -

8 gigabyte - 15 requests

16 gigabyte - 15 request

32 gigabyte - 20 request

64 gigabyte - 20 requests

128 gigabyte - 30 request

256 gigabyte - 30 requests

These numbers are given as a rough guide only, go easy on us and everything will be good.

Can I give a range of order numbers for a block of media and have that count as one media request?


You don't always have to give us every single order number.

For example "ord# 10 - 14" instead of "ord# 10, 11, 12, 13, 14" - that's great.


The order numbers MUST be inside of a group of media from one common source.

For example, requesting TV episodes 2 - 8 from a season of 10 episodes is no problem.

Requesting the first 8 songs on an album of 10 songs as a range of order numbers is no problem.

Asking for 6 books from one author that are grouped together in the catalog and have contiguous order numbers is no problem.

Requesting 20 unrelated movies that happen to be in the same section of the catalog as a range of order numbers will be a problem.

3 unrelated movies might fly, but definitely not 20.


(there is an exception)

IF you order from a List that is By Cluster then any range of order numbers is no problem. This only applies to Lists organized by Cluster.

Don't ask us why, just trust us on this.

Writing down all these order numbers is tedious, is there a faster way?


Give us any order number in a related block of media you want.

Write the word "set" after the number.

So, using the Matrix movie order example above, you could write "9312 set".

This would tell us you want 9312 and the other two surrounding movies in that group or set, which are 9311 and 9313.


Write the word "type" after the number.

It would look like "9312 type".

This means give me 9312, but go beyond "set" and give me any movies that are of the same general type.

In this case, we would give you all 14 matrix type movies that we have in that area of the catalog.

Other Examples -

The "set" command used within a TV season would give you all the episodes for that season.

The "type" command used within the same TV season would give you all of the surrounding seasons that are of that type and the episodes that go with them.

Set with a single music song gives you all the songs on that album.

Type with a single music song gives you all the songs on that album and all the other albums by that artist that are in that area of the catalog.

To Summarize -

Set - give me this order number and MORE like it that are nearby.

Type - give me this order number and EVERYTHING like it that is nearby.

Why must I give a three digit Confirmation Number?

When we send you email, our email address may be different than the one you sent to initially.

To let you know it really is us that is emailing you, we ask that you provide a 3 digit Confirmation Number. Anything between 000 and 999 will do.

Any mail we send you will have this number in the title of the email.

I have way too many files to add up their sizes to try and figure out what size flash drive to order, what do I do?

Make a rough guess for the flash drive size you need and we will fit as many of your requested files as possible on the drive.

We always prioritize starting from the top of your list of files. So put the most important requests at the top of your order.

We will let you know on your received order if there were any files that couldn't fit on the flash drive.

What information do I have to give for a Prepack Media Order?

On our website click on "Prepack Order (paid)"

WEBSITE NAVIGATION - "Orders and Pricing" >> "Prepack Order (paid)"

Does the media on Prepack Media Orders change?

Yes, the media for Channels and Multi-Mee changes every 3 months.

Mixma media never changes.

On Prepack Media Orders, what is a Channel Add On?

An Add On is a small amount of a specific type of media which can be added to a Channel to give it a little more variety.

For example, selecting the Japanese Add On means that some Japanese movies will be included with whatever Movie Channel you choose.

Add ons do not increase the total amount on a flash drive. Instead, a small amount (around 10 - 15%) of the chosen Channel media is replaced with Add On media.

Add Ons are a free option and are limited to one per Channel.

Do you have a list of what is on all the Prepack Media?

We're working on it.

Your Prepack Media Order has a random option for each channel, what do you use for a random number generator?

Our warehouse has full security camera coverage so we simply plot elf dance moves on the warehouse floor over time to generate random numbers. Our random number seeds are taken from the employee number of elf's that we fire for dancing too much. It's good to be the king.

What is MASSmedia?

Please click on "Description of Major DMD Services" on the main page of our website.

What is File Cannon?

Please click on "Description of Major DMD Services" on the main page of our website.

What information do I have to give for a File Cannon Request?

On our website click on "File Cannon Request (free!)"

WEBSITE NAVIGATION - "Orders and Pricing" >> "File Cannon Request (free!)"

What will I actually see on my flash drive when it arrives and how is it formatted?

All flash drives are formatted as exFAT because Windows, Linux and MacOS can all read this format.

You should see some or all of the following text files and folders -

Always a Pleasure, Thank You for Your Order! <file folder>

Your Media Order is In Here (order number) <file folder>

Email us at (email address) for questions or problems with this order <file folder>

Your personal information is set to be (kept/auto deleted) <file folder>

We couldn't fit this media on your drive <text file> OPTIONAL

Current Media Credit <text file> OPTIONAL

DMD Portable Web Site <file folder> OPTIONAL

What is the SMILE Library?

The Small File (SMILE) Library is an attempt to create a free, modern, digital library that everyone can use. Anyone can look in the library, find some book or media they like and "check" it out by receiving a copy of it via email. The library is supported by our File Cannon service.

The SMILE Library is different than say the DMD Book Catalog because it contains a limited number of media titles that are either well known or important for some reason.

We are currently in the process of curating and verifying media to put in the library so please be patient, the elves have really short arms.

What is ReFlashCycle?

Hopefully a solution to those piles of flash drives.

We will let you know if this gets off the ground.

You say you support copyright law, what does this mean?

It means we support a new, modernized rewriting of copyright law as it applies to digital property, to reflect the age we live in. A law uncorrupted by corporate bribery.

This is what we support.

What does this "suck potential = 100%" mean?

It means, we, like all humans, could start out as good guys, but make lots of money get investors and become corporate assholes (don't be evil?).

To let you know that we are still a little humble and haven't gone full sell-our-customers-down-the-river capitalistic, we will ALWAYS display this little canary phrase on our documents.

No Fortune 500, in-it-for-the-money company with an advertising budget would allow a phrase like this to be on their stuff. We're counting on that.

So, if you ever see this phrase change or disappear, run kids, run far, far away from us.

I can't pay you, but I really need this media because it's for a really good/interesting/questionable cause.

Can't you just send it to me?

Hmmm.... we always enjoy a good story. Tell us yours and if we like it, your wish may be granted.

What is the meaning of life?

It used to be 42, but now we aren't so sure.