Bad File

If you get a media file that has a problem, Bad File Bounty feels your pain.

With millions of files and a shortage of motivated elf's, we can't review every file to make sure it is good.

We know this, and so apologize in advance if your movie doesn't play or you only get half of a magazine.

As compensation, we will credit you two times (2X) the size of the bad file.

Just email us with the name of the media and the order number we gave you with your order.

Be sure to use the same email you sent your order from so we know it is you.

We will then create a credit account that is associated with your email address.

On your next order you should see your new credit amount displayed.

You can use your credit anytime you want, but the credit must be used within the same type of media as the original bad file came from.

In other words, if you got a bad movie that was 1 gigabyte in size, we would give you 2 gigabytes of credit that can only be used for movies in the future.

We will also try and get you a good copy of the file if we have it.

We will put it on your next order if possible.

To report a bad file, please email the file name and your order number to -