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How to buy a Handshake Domain Name on MegaMart
1) Look through our store departments and find a Domain Name you want
2) Go to, choose "Domain search", and enter the name you want to buy
3) Buy the name for the price listed or make an offer (allow 24 hours for us to respond to your offer)
* You must have a (free) Namebase account with enough HNS in your balance to purchase the domain name you want

About Us
MegaMart is desigined to be a simple, one-stop site for finding Handshake Domain Names
By organizing domain names by department, buyers can quickly locate names they are looking for
and take advantage of group pricing

MegaMart currently only offers Top Level Domain (TLD) names, but may offer subdomain
names in the future

MegaMart also gives sellers a free, easy-to-use platform to promote the sale of their TLDs
If you are a seller, you can contact us for more information at

We currently use NameBase ( for all sales and transfers
This means you need to have a NameBase account to buy or sell on MegaMart

Email - General questions, comments - To enter the MegaMart lottery or questions about the lottery
brown_m& - If you made it this far, chat us up
Namebase Channel - Message nonce_jester with questions or comments

We believe decentralized DNS, such as Handshake, is vital to preserving freedom
of speech and ideas on the old Information Superhighway!