DNS Wars
Not so long ago in a namespace far, far away....

Book 4

The Block Cynipers

Year 19

In the most repressive time of the old empire, when domain seizures were common, the rebellion was young and those that were to become the Block Cynipers were unknown. They hunted solo along the edge of the Reveal Wall with impunity and without care. They were unknown to each other and ignored by the early rebellion leaders.

In the very first year of the Handshake Rebellion, the auction namespace was a wide open savanna without many auctions and even fewer true hunters. In the earliest days, bid competition was almost unheard of, except for the most popular and rare TLDs. Herds of newly minted auctions would make the five day journey across the NameBase blocklands without so much as a single bid being transmitted against them.

Auction creators only had to fear predators when naming the most prized single and two character TLDs or popular english adjectives. HNS was cheap, but hard to find in those days. The one easy source of HNS was the airdrop headwaters where it flowed freely, but only the old developers could drink from this faucet.

That creation year was truly one of leisure and riches for the small tribes of developers and telegram channels. They bid without fear or worry on those first auctions, all the while knowing in their hearts that their paradise lost could not go on forever.

The Rebels find Their Groove

With the Handshake Rebellion no more than a weak tweet under the silicon boot of ICANN, and hiding out on a distant .io domain at the edge of the Internet, there seemed no hope for the young rebels. Even with the dashing Teishen leading them, the NameBase rebels couldn't generate the buzz necessary to fight the evil power of the empire.

That is until a Sci-Hub princess from the planet Kazakh made a desperate public plea for help and put the rebellion in the spotlight. Count Elsevier, with the help of the empire, was about to crush and seize the domain name of the young princess. She needed the decentralized force of Handshake to fight back. The rebels were her "only hope".

The defiant pirate princess couldn't be saved by the rebels for technical reasons, but the galaxy twitterverse took notice of her call for help. Soon hundreds and then thousands of domain oppressed refugees, looking for DNS decentralization, came from the backwater blogs of the empire and opened accounts on NameBase. Most who came were true believers and wanted to join the rebellion, to help fight the empire, but there were, of course, a few Wattos there just to make a quick HNS.

One thing was for sure, the easy days of single, cheap bids on tasty TLDs had finally come to an end, and the Block Cynipers were born.