Ode to NameBase

Vogonese style poetry everyone can hate

The Disappointment Game

Words to Wu by,

bid your high,

bid it early,

Words to Win by,

bid the last finger,

bid the last block,

The way of Wu,

makes an easy sleep,

but when you wake,

there's an empty sheet,

The way of the Winning,

makes a long night,

names fill the bed as,

the Lost does your sight,

It's winning with a sigh,

It's the disappointment game

A Bitter Bullet

at the line,

on your bid,

an easy win,

a press away

a gambler's hope,

is money's only vice,

play the reveal,

pay the snipers price

Nuclear War Designated Driver

a glitch, a stitch,

call it any which,

they crawl the code,

of the namer temple

the priests they say,

will fix it someday,

early to the party,

it's the price you pay

A Clockwork of Dead Lemmings

A beat of crystal quartz,

drives the silicon heart

Tick tock, tick tock,

should go the block

But this chain slips,

in broken fits

And the lemmings proof their leaps,

over the Reveal Wall in heaps

Only Fools Rush Soon

Like no other lover,
you are mine every night

So many say it's wrong,
but who knows what is right

Over and again I roll down your list,
'til you scream and reveal my every name

Ending Soon may be your official quiet title,
but my love for you is called the Disappointment Game